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What are the top football clubs in the world?

Being a football enthusiast can be a lot of fun. If you have just started following the sport, you may find talk of all the clubs and premier leagues a bit confusing. Don’t worry, because here we bring to you a list of the top football clubs in the world. If betting interests you, this knowledge will help you find good football betting tips.

When there is talk about the best football clubs in the world, it usually becomes a matter of great debate with fans always rooting for their favourite teams. However, there are some clubs which make it to the top no matter what.

  • Manchester United

This is the football club that put David Beckham on the map. It is the club that has won the highest number of trophies in English football. They have an amazing record of 5 League Cups, 21 FA community Shields, 12 FA Cups, and 20 League titles. What’s more, they have also been able to take home 3 Champions League trophies.

  • FC Barcelona

This is another favourite with fans all over the world. The club is known for its amazing wins throughout every football season. It has won a total of 5 UEFA Champions League titles, 5 UEFA Super Cups and 4 UEFA Cup Winners Cup. If you are a football bettor, then you must look for football betting tips on this club. You are sure to win some money this way.

  • Real Madrid

     Football Betting Tips
    Liverpool’s Virgil Van Dijk, right, duels for the ball with Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo during the Champions League Final soccer match between Real Madrid and Liverpool at the Olimpiyskiy Stadium in Kiev, Ukraine, Saturday, May 26, 2018. (AP Photo/Sergei Grits)

This club is definitely the top choice for a lot of fans and expert commentators. In most circles, this is the team that is considered the best. And why not? It is a team that has some amazing players and they always play a first-class game in every tournament they participate in. They have won a total of 64 trophies! This includes 33 La Liga trophies, 10 Super Copa ones and 19 Copa Del Ray. They have also won the UEFA Champions League 13 times in total.


What should you know about English Premier League football?

  • Bayern Munich

This is another football club from the land of the British that has fans trying to get the best football betting tips. This is a German club which has gained in prominence after the Bundesliga came into existence. The club has won a total of 28 titles, which is great for any team.

  • Liverpool

This is another great club for football fans across the world and many bettors look for football betting tips to bet on it. It has won a total of 5 Champions League trophies.

 Football Betting Tips

Choosing a club to bet on

Most bettors are looking for new markets to place bets on when thing get boring. If you are the same, then looking into the wide arena of English club football can be fascinating and highly lucrative because this way you will have more football betting tips.


  • 11 of the 12 clubs of the original club teams are still playing. They have been around since 1888 and a majority of them are still going strong.
  • English football is a highly lucrative play-area not just for bettors, but players as well. It can be safely said that the more money that a club is able to put in the sport, the more likely the team is to be successful.
  • If you are looking for football betting tips on the top clubs in the world, you will find that not all the clubs are English. There are lots of clubs belonging to other nationalities as well. But it is true that some of the most important ones are English.
  • The English Premier League is quite amazing because there is no guarantee that a club is going to be in it without great performance. It can easily be kicked out if it underperforms.


Finding football betting tips to do with club football will not be difficult but finding great ones that are accurate will not be that easy. It is always better to do up research on club football before venturing into betting. English football clubs get a lot of lucrative television and sponsorship deals  and that is why it is likely that you will be able to make a good income if you follow them intensely.


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